Anthony Ervin

Anthony Ervin is a US Olympic Gold Medalist, former world record holder in the 50 freestyle, and former World Champion in the 50 and 100 freestyle.

In the Summer of 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, “Tony” swam to a gold in the 50 freestyle becoming the fastest man on the planet. Tony is back in the water and has been training for the last year at U.C. Berkeley (his alma mater) alongside Olympic Gold medalists Natalie Coughlin and Nathan Adrian. In December 2011 -- in his first USA Swim meet in 7 years -- he won gold at the Chesapeake Pro-Am and immediately put himself back in the US top five. Tony participated in the the U.S. Olympic Trials and was selected for the London Olympic Games for the 50 freestyle. He is now training for the World Cup meets and the World Championships, which will have him travelling to Asia, Europe and the Middle East. 2013 will bring him back to the US for the USA Swimming Grand Prix. His return at 30 brings a renewed outlook of enjoying the journey and appreciating the moment.

After winning the Olympic gold, 2 World Championships, and 7 NCAA titles, Tony retired at the young age of 22. Ervin then spent several years traveling the world and exploring other interests, including his higher education, music, tattoos, teaching people all over the world about swimming, and tsunami flood relief. His vision is to use his experiences and his platform as a chance to give back and inspire people of all ages to live the life they love. His return to the swimming world has already caught the attention of many major publications including a recent articles in Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, The New York Times and CNN.

Tony’s story is especially unique in that his family tree represents a broad demographic of Jewish, Native American, and African American decent. He truly embodies the diversity of our modern world. Over the years Tony has grown to embrace his place in the world as an opportunity to reach out and try to give back. He auctioned off his Gold medal on eBay and donated the funds to tsunami relief in Southeast Asia. He was also the current spokesperson for the International Water Safety Day that reached over a quarter million people last spring. This inaugural water safety day partnered with US Rowing, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and USA Swimming member clubs nationwide.

Major Achievements

2000 Olympics

50 M Freestyle - Gold
4 X 100 Freestyle Relay - Silver

2001 World Championships

50 M Freestyle - Gold
100 M Freestyle - Gold

NCAA Championships

3 time champ 100 Free
3 time champ 400 Freestyle Relay
1 time champ 50 free
5 time runner up and 27-time NCAA All-American

8 time American Record breaker

World Record Holder in 2001

Special Awards

Elected to the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, 2001